4 potential benefits of an employee advocacy program

Benefist of employee advocacy

Employee advocacy is a term that has been heard but not everyone knows what it means. In short, employee advocacy is the capacity to tap into your employees to be part of your digital marketing effort. That can mean sharing some content to allow them to be part of your engagement strategy. That last concept being the most important of all because engagement builds relationships and not just the sharing of content. 

The idea has its potential benefits in regard to these employee advocacy programs, although they have to be known and understood first. There are always a few keys that complement these four directives

So that’s what are we going to do. These are the four potential benefits of employee advocacy programs: 

1. Positive and professional feedback 

Today, everybody has a digital footprint regardless of their position in a company. So, the question is obvious: how do you release and give leverage to these prints to fully support your company? 

There is where this first potential benefit of an employee advocacy program comes to play. 

The thought process always has to be englobed in the win-win scenarios. You want to provide true value to the company, and not just to your external sources, but also to all the people working for you. That is the perspective from which you have to start your thought process.  

It’s not about the person that is running the advocacy program or your views as a marketer. It’s about the people who benefit from the said strategy. 

Also, some methods that work really well, especially to engage your workers with the projects and ambitions you need to fulfill, are leaderboards, promoting healthy competition. Another option is a reward system to focus on transforming the work that is being done into something more interesting, and fun…  

In short, giving incentives to all the workers ignite that spark that makes them reach their fullest potential starting from the simple question. What’s in there for me? Everyone will always ask themselves that notion, one that if there is a reward system.

For example, could be answered with the most effective and straightforward answer: direct rewards for the job done. 

2. The discovery of new brands 

Another thing is that sometimes it’s easy to forget that is not so about the brand of the company but more about the personal brand of each individual.  

When you change your way of thinking into this new philosophy, you will see improvements in your ability to engage with your team members, increasing the value of your brand and, at the same time, benefit your employees to new levels not possible before. 

The expertise of each worker is also of vital importance. If you are a content writer and, through hard work and repetition, learn a lot about your craft in a short time, it goes in your interest that the knowledge in question is shared person to person to fortify your brand, making your employee a more social proposal based on sharing between both of you. 

Since always, that has had a very specific name, its called feedback. One writer can teach skills to a company and their marketing department can fill the void and teach him. How to be more influential in his work, like selling himself better and more efficiently.  

That’s what you call progress. And that is the job of a leader who cares about his people and their way of life.  

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3. The influence of individual brands 

As we said before, the incorporation of personal brands into your corporative brand can be a very healthy and organic process to enrich your existing company. Each individual has a unique brand that they have forged through years of effort and professional evolution. That has to be the first reason to sit and talk with them. 

Its the job of your marketing department to focus on those shared ideas and look for common ground to acquire a mutually beneficial verbality that allows everyone to grow, and, for that, you will have to practice exhaustively the art of humility.  

This is, indeed, one of the greatest potential benefits of employee advocacy programs 

Also, another way to complement perfectly with this notion is to recognize the expertise of a particular individual, exalting the fact of the knowledge and experience acquired by promoting this person or giving them the reward of having a higher responsibility. 

4. The total engagement of your workers with their own projects 

Let’s say that everything goes well and the advocacy, together with politics that focus on the benefits just described above, produces amazing results for your brand and the personal brands of your closest circle of team members.  

That would permit them to build a lot of unique and skilled contacts through the social networks, impulsing their personal projects to new heights, but never losing the person responsible for the sudden success and new lifestyle: you.  

This creates affinity for your brand and the common knowledge referring to what your advocacy does to future entrepreneurs. 

When your employees share their personal experiences with the advocacy program, that will create a snowball effect capable of engaging a lot of other potential workers. Those same workers will want to come to work for your brand because they know the immediate benefits that they can cultivate.  

Sharing with your employees has given fruit, a very sweet one at that, as their engagement for their personal brand and yours is increasing every day. You could say, without ever being wrong, that your brand has advocated and launched an employee’s career through an advocacy plan that has been a total success.  

And those are the four potential benefits of an employee advocacy program that will elevate your professional career and give new meanings and directions through the positive feedback of other experts on their craft. Learning from one another will always be the most important intellectual curve of your career, and that is that. 


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