5 Employer Branding ideas to avoid talent drain

5 Employer Branding ideas to avoid talent drain

Any branding or company can run out of ideas, drowning in a phenomenon called talent drain. 

One of the main steps to take firstly is to benchmark what other companies, similar to ours, are doing in regard to Employer Branding. In this article, we are going to talk about all of this, giving you 5 ideas to build your company’s talent brand and giving new motivations to your workers. 

1.Building a good Website 

One of the main steps to take in this endeavor is to benchmark what other companies are doing in Employer Branding. If it’s working for others, it will work for you. 

It is basic to have a Career Website, making it an essential resource that must define your strategy with all types of recruiting in mind:

  • Mobile
  • Personal interviews.

Having this in mind, your Website has to be 100% responsive. 

In the time that you design it, you will have to keep this processes as simple as possible:

  • Facilitating any search.
  • Allowing the people to send any job application they want in the easiest way possible. 

There are tools like SAP, a powerful site that can help you with its methodology to acquire information about other companies. Including your own, and even have the possibility of segmenting all the information according to the people who visit them. 

Also, having a good Website can help you sell a presentation and an image of your company that can directly affect the type of people who can be interested in it. 

Thanks to all of this, and if executed right, all your workers will feel inspired again, which will help to avoid any talent drain. Focusing even more your ideas and the execution of them. 

2.Create the best videos about your brand 

There are hundreds of ways to make and present videos of your company or branding. Sharing those videos, either by tools like:

  • Dropbox.
  • Sending them to specific people.
  • Other platforms like Vimeo or Youtube.

To bring more attention and popularity, in case that you need it. 

Another option is to share videos made by the employees themselves, focusing on the company’s culture and wellbeing, conveying in a group message that can work far better than something more aggressive or invading to the people. 

Another wise can be to record the families either of the employees or yours talking about how great it is to work for this company. While also stating why anyone should try to be hired by you or why other business companies should invert in your ideas. 

Another option is simply to make your employees express their experiences and to give an honest message about how’s working with you, what it means to their way of life and the professional perks that have come with it, giving excellence to your career. 

3.Social networks 

You always have to analyze which social networks can work in your favor when you want to present any talent brand, including yours. Although, before starting to divulge your company, you must have a content plan that can help you. 

Using different social networks will help you, no only as marketing tools, but also to position your talent brand to new heights. Facebook is the one that has worked before in this kind of situations, helping to connect you with other different companies and people who can impulse your talent branding to reach new levels of efficiency. 

Another use for social media is the ability to be a recruiting enterprise. Using those platforms to engage and bring the best individuals for your branding or organization. Social hiring uses those medias and other internet-based options to find potential candidates to hire. 

Social media is prompting HR departments to fully develop this type of recruiting strategies. Including them as a former part of any organization’s overall human management strategies, finding new talent to avoid the drainage of the actual one. 

Moreover, any employers can use social media recruiting to reach a wider audience of candidates than is possible through any traditional means. Recruiting efforts have changed forever, opening the way to focus on various factors at the same time, making them more effective. 

It’s all about the talent acquisition strategy, being able to increase the number and types of platforms that can be used to recruitment efforts, which will always affect the targeted people, ideal for recruiting and other branding uses. 

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4.Create the most innovative campaigns 

To create the best notorious campaigns, it will always be necessary to have a brilliant idea that will serve as a bridge to a common thread for all the events that must be carried out, either on-line and off-line. 

It always starts with a question, as a company you must ask your community how would they describe themselves with only and word. Making them share it to your benefit and to promote your branding. 

A good slogan, for example, can be:

Meeting of the Minds. 

Which can offer some kind of internship program, focusing on recruiting, creating a positive atmosphere or even make some kind of contest, asking your workers to creatively connect your brand with some kind of visual idea and concept, developing their passion and talents again. 

Another good option is to have an annual competition for students from around the world to present real-life case studies, some kind of social or special messages to focus on campaigns launched at the same time, using them, for example, to celebrate diversity and promote inclusion on the workplace. 

The use of hashtags can also help enormously, not only allowing you to enhance your talent brand, but to make it far easier for your HR to measure results and possible outcomes of all of your actions. 

5.Create a LinkedIn company page 

Following the social networks narrative, LinkedIn company pages allows you to build a very strong talent brand. Representing with it some visual images that can represent the spirit of your company’s branding. Through that, you can share the experiences of your employees. 

That will help you to personalize your messages according to the reaction of your potential audience. 

Together with that, you can also help your cause with infographics, which will allow you to provide all kinds of information in an exceptional visual way. The main companies use these kinds of methods, moreover, when their brandings are far more visual than technical. 

Another interesting solution can be to share inspirational quotes, or, even better, your own quotes, making it more personal. Always play with what the people want to hear. Don’t try a Mr wonderful if you cannot back up your words later. Be more original. Be more captivating. 

Through the company page you can also display all kinds of ads that will allow you to increase the awareness of your talent brand, giving your target audience another reason to trust the talent of your employees, making they engage with them more intensely and making some of them brand ambassadors. 

These brand ambassadors must be formal in social media, share the best practices and advice for future talents and providing them with new content to share. 

And these are 5 Employer Branding ideas to avoid talent drain that will help your company to reach new levels of awareness and efficiency. 

If you found this interesting, do not hesitate to download our WhitePaper.

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