Train your ambassadors

BeAmbassador will serve as a training platform for your ambassadors. Create courses, lessons and everything they need to know!

Follow up

Keep track of your team's evolution with BeAmbassador and manage their progress in the different courses.

Do you also want to have a network of brand ambassadors?

Academy Features



Create specific courses and documentation for your ambassadors. Manage their evolution and improvement.

Unlimited courses

Provide your ambassadors with as many courses as you want. Include links, photos, videos and everything you need.


Points are awarded for each training completed. Motivate your ambassadors to climb up the rankings!


Only the company’s brand ambassadors will have access to the training through BeAmbassador. Among them, you can make a course available to all or only to a group by adjusting the scope according to the segmentation of your ambassadors.

No problem! When creating a course you simply have to select the reach you want it to have: it can reach all your ambassadors or only some of them. For example, a course for the Marketing and Sales departments only.

You can include as many courses as you need to train your brand ambassadors.

The courses in the BeAmbassador Academy section are composed of a title, description, estimated duration, category, scope, and different lessons with attached files (PDF, Word, Excel…) that the administrator deems necessary to create within the course.

The administrator must complete all the information to launch the course. 

There is no limit to the number of topics or lessons each course can have, but we recommend you make them fewer to encourage the participation of brand ambassadors.

Lessons are fully customizable by the account administrator. In it, you can include the text of the lesson and enrich it with styles and formats to make it more eye-catching.   

You can also include graphic elements such as images or videos in the lesson to make the training more dynamic for your brand ambassadors.

You can attach up to two files for each lesson, this way you can further enhance your Academy courses.


Other features


Automate the selection of Brand Ambassadors candidates



Segment your ambassador network according to your company's interests

Incentive System

Possibility to implement an incentive system, with which they will be rewarded based on their results


Monitor ambassadors' activity and performance in real time


Reward the most active ambassadors with the tool


Share external content without leaving the platform

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