BeAmbassador, the company expanding to Brazil, strengthening its global expansion.

BeAmbassador, the leading SaaS platform in Spain for Employer Branding, is proud to announce its expansion into Brazil. Following its success in Latin America in Spanish-speaking countries such as Mexico, Colombia, and Peru, the company has already begun working on introducing its solution to such a significant market as Brazil.

With a population of over 214 million people and the largest economy in Latin America in terms of GDP, Brazil is an attractive market for any company looking to expand.

“We are very excited to embark on this new adventure in Brazil,” commented José Olarreaga, CEO of BeAmbassador. “We believe there is tremendous potential in the Brazilian market, and we are ready to face the challenges and opportunities that arise. We are working with local talent to build our employer brand in Brazil and strengthen our presence in the region.”

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BeAmbassador’s decision to expand into Brazil is based on the success of its SaaS platform in Latin America, especially in countries like Peru, Mexico, and Colombia, where it has established a strong customer and partner base. With the expansion into Brazil, the company aims to further solidify its presence in the region and leverage the opportunities offered by this diverse and highly competitive market. Additionally, the platform already offers Portuguese among the various languages it supports.

The expansion into Brazil is just the beginning of BeAmbassador’s growth plans. The company is committed to global expansion and seeking new opportunities to grow its business and presence throughout Latin America. With the assistance of a highly skilled team of professionals and an innovative approach, BeAmbassador is ready to tackle the challenges and opportunities in Brazil and around the world.

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