BeAmbassador integrates with TikTok for the generation and dissemination of content by brand ambassadors.

BeAmbassador announced today the launch of its integration between its product BeAmbassador, which allows turning employees and collaborators into brand ambassadors, and the social network TikTok.

TikTok has become one of the fastest-growing social networks in recent years, which is why an increasing number of companies, especially those with B2C models, are joining and creating content tailored to the younger audience.

With this new BeAmbassador feature, ambassadors can now share content on this social network, in addition to spreading and scheduling brand-approved content through the repository.

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Companies will also be able to track ambassador participation on this social network, including followers and impressions, which will assist management teams in shaping TikTok content strategies through BeAmbassador.

To learn more about how the BeAmbassador solution helps its clients manage and execute employer branding, social selling, or employee advocacy strategies, please check this link.

“We are confident that our clients will make the most of the integration between BeAmbassador and TikTok, and we will see how they capture the interest of their audience and differentiate themselves from their competitors,” said José Olarreaga, CEO of BeAmbassador.

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