BeAmbassador is part of the inclusive project of Alcobendas Rugby Union

In line with its commitment to social responsibility and community well-being, BeAmbassador is proud to announce its participation in its first social project through sports. This initiative materialized with the sponsorship of the Club Alcobendas Rugby team, thereby allowing participation in its inclusive project with individuals with special needs and promoting the fundamental values of sports. 


This action aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), reflecting BeAmbassador’s commitment to sustainable development and social inclusion. Through this project, the company seeks to foster a positive impact on society and contribute to building a more inclusive and equitable world. 

Last week, José Olarreaga, CEO of BeAmbassador, participated as a coach in the II Alcobendas Rugby Inclu Fest Tournament. In this rugby tournament, held last week at the Las Terrazas del Alcobendas field, players of various skills and abilities took part, demonstrating that rugby is a sport for everyone, with an eye towards the inclusive rugby world championship in Pamplona in 2025. 


At BeAmbassador, our corporate culture is based on solid values and a genuine commitment to society. We are excited to launch this social project through sports, which not only promotes inclusion and diversity but also reinforces the values of respect, solidarity, and personal growth. 

The success of this first inclusive tournament as sponsors highlights the importance of social initiatives driven by BeAmbassador. The company will continue working on implementing projects that generate a positive impact on the community. 


For more information about upcoming activities and events sponsored by BeAmbassador, visit our website at Build Your Brand Ambassador Network ✅ ( or follow us on our social media channels. 

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