BeAmbassador, official sponsor of the Employer Brand Management Awards event


In an increasingly competitive and dynamic job market, Employer Branding has become a key element for attracting and retaining the best talent. Recognizing the importance of this strategy, BeAmbassador is proud to have sponsored the most prominent event in this field: the Employer Brand Management Awards.


The Employer Brand Management Awards have set the standard for excellence in Employer Branding for eight consecutive years. In this latest edition, held in London, the winners demonstrated the extent to which innovation is taking place in this sector, reflected in the breadth of program categories and the diversity of submissions.


BeAmbassador: Celebrating Excellence in Employer Branding

As a sponsor of the Employer Brand Management Awards, BeAmbassador has reaffirmed its commitment to excellence in Employer Branding. We recognize the importance of attracting and retaining exceptional talent, and it is an honor to support an event that celebrates innovation and dedication in this crucial field.


The event was a great success with the attendance of many leading Employer Branding agencies and clients from the UK to celebrate the awards. It was remarkable how everyone was highly engaged throughout the event, and attendees not only enjoyed the hospitality but also seized the opportunity to network. Clearly, the sector is rapidly growing in the UK and internationally, and we had the participation of several companies from across Europe.


In addition to sponsoring the event, BeAmbassador also had the pleasure of presenting two awards to different companies that have demonstrated outstanding success in their Employer Branding strategies. These awards highlight the vision and commitment of these companies to excel in a competitive job market.

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Employer Brand Management Awards

During the Employer Brand Management Awards, BeAmbassador not only stood out as an event sponsor but also had the honor of presenting two of the awards to companies that have shown exceptional commitment to Employer Branding and achieved outstanding success in their respective categories. These awards underscore the vision and dedication of these companies to stand out in an increasingly competitive job market:

  • 1st prize in the Best Brand Ambassador Programme category to ABK and Wiser.
  • 1st prize in the Best Employee Wellbeing Initiative category to Innovecs.


In summary, the Employer Brand Management Awards have not only highlighted excellence in Employer Branding but have also emphasized the importance of this strategy in today’s business landscape. BeAmbassador is proud to be a part of this event and to celebrate innovation and dedication in the field of Employer Branding. Congratulations to all the winners, and we look forward to what the future holds in this exciting field.

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