BeAmbassador, the new Premium Partner of Awards of Happiness

BeAmbassador, the innovative brand ambassador solution, has been chosen as the new Premium Partner  Awards of Happiness®, the leading company in workplace happiness identification and improvement. This decision followed a rigorous assessment of BeAmbassador’s Employer Branding methodology, which, thanks to its technological solution, enables companies to transform their employees into brand ambassadors.

BeAmbassador has garnered acclaim in Spain and international markets since its establishment in 2018, becoming a leader in both Europe and Latin America. In recognition of their innovative contributions to HR processes, they have received several awards over the past year, including the title of “Most Innovative Company” at the HR Innovation Summit 2022 in Madrid and “Best HR Startup” at the Alhambra Ventures event held in July 2022.

BeAmbassador allows companies to create and manage networks of brand ambassadors. Their solution focuses on engaging employees in promoting the employer brand and sustainability efforts through social media. By enhancing brand image and increasing employee satisfaction and commitment, companies can boost talent retention and attraction.

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Awards of Happiness® stands out in the market for its innovative approach to identifying and improving workplace happiness.

Unlike other companies that primarily focus on compensation and benefits, Awards of Happiness® utilizes a unique methodology that analyzes various aspects of the work environment, from company culture and values to work-life balance for employees. This comprehensive approach helps companies identify areas for improvement in their culture and work climate, ultimately enhancing employee happiness and well-being.


“Together, BeAmbassador and Awards of Happiness® provide companies with a comprehensive solution to enhance their brand image, employee satisfaction, and, consequently, productivity.

“We are thrilled to partner with Awards of Happiness®, and it’s an honor to be selected as their Premium Partner,” said José Olarreaga Yeregui, CEO & Co-Founder of BeAmbassador. “The successful validation of our methodology by Awards of Happiness® is a testament to the value we can bring to companies. We share their vision that employee happiness is crucial to a company’s success, and we are committed to helping our clients improve their brand image and workplace culture.”

“We are very excited to have BeAmbassador as our new Premium Partner. Their specialized technological solution for managing and executing Employer Branding strategies is innovative and effective, perfectly complementing our own workplace happiness methodology. We are confident that together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of employees and the profitability of companies,” said Pedro Galván París, CEO of Awards of Happiness.


The alliance between Awards of Happiness® and BeAmbassador strengthens their mutual commitment to enhancing workplace happiness and well-being, helping companies reach their full potential.

BeAmbassador’s inclusion as a Premium Partner of Awards of Happiness® underscores the value of their Employer Branding solution. Together, they are poised to assist companies in building happier and more productive work cultures, benefiting both employees and companies alike.

Visit the BeAmbassador and Awards of Happiness® websites for more information about their comprehensive solution and how they can help you create a happier workplace environment and a stronger brand image.


Don’t wait any longer to enhance your company’s happiness and reputation!

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