BeAmbassador launches BeCandidate, the AI-based brand ambassador selection tool.

Programa partners de BeAmbassador

BeAmbassador, the leading Spanish startup as a SaaS platform for managing and executing brand ambassador programs, has just announced its new development called BeCandidate, a new AI-based tool that simplifies the candidate selection and evaluation process for brand ambassador programs.

This new tool is integrated within the framework already offered by BeAmbassador and provides a set of functionalities, including the creation of landing pages, forms, archetype definition, candidate portal, surveys to assess digital competencies, and internal candidate evaluation.

BeCandidate uses an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based learning model for Big Five or Five Traits, through which it derives personality traits of candidates from their LinkedIn profiles and compares them to the ideal archetype sought for the program. As a result, it provides an indicator that allows the administrator to assess the degree of alignment between the individual and the ideal personality traits.

The application features three key indicators: Digital Analysis, Social Analysis, and Internal Analysis, from which the qualification level of each candidate is derived, enabling the management team to gain an objective insight into each profile.

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Candidates who pass the analysis phases become part of a pool of qualified profiles, which are used for inviting and ultimately registering as brand ambassadors.

In addition to the simplicity of the entire process, it’s noteworthy that candidates themselves have their own portal from which they can interact in the process and track their progress.

“The current process of selecting individuals for participation in a brand ambassador program is tedious and lacks transparency. BeCandidate is designed to assist in the initial stages and the scaling phase of the project,” says José Olarreaga, CEO of BeAmbassador.

BeCandidate consistently collects explicit consent from each candidate for data acquisition and storage, following GDPR regulations. This ensures that the legal department has data security and protection guarantees, making the entire process agile, automated, and secure. BeAmbassador is also a company that has obtained ISO 27001 certification.

With BeCandidate, the candidate selection process for brand ambassador programs becomes simpler and more transparent, guaranteeing the quality and qualification of the selected profiles.

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