BeMarketing terms

Last Update Date: 25/08/2023




BeAmbassador’s Email Marketing solution, also known as BeMarketing, allows users to send mass and personalized email campaigns to a set of contacts.

This document contains relevant information about the features and best practices that the USER should be aware of.

BeMarketing can be available in both the AMBASSADORS’ interface and the ADMINISTRATOR’s interface.

Depending on the USER’s role (Administrator or Ambassador), the solution can display different menu options and functionalities.



Terms of Use

For the utilization of BeAmbassador’s Email Marketing module, it is required that the USER accepts the terms of use.

All concepts outlined in our privacy policy and platform’s terms of use apply, and these are the new terms you are accepting.

By accepting the terms of use, the USER acquires the corresponding License that enables the module’s features. The USER also agrees that they are responsible for the correct usage of the functionality and commits to following the best practices described below.

Failure to apply best practices or misuse of the module can result in blocking functionalities, leading to their loss. This blockage can affect individual titles or the entire group of USERS operating under the business account managed by the ADMINISTRATOR.


A contact is a record containing basic identification information about a person, such as their name, last name, email address, postal address, telephone, and other identification elements.

You can create contacts individually through the + button. When adding a new contact, the USER must confirm they have the CONSENT of the contact to address them through an email marketing campaign.

It is not possible to add contacts without the USER confirming they have obtained this consent. Adding contacts without prior consent constitutes an infraction under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

It is possible to add contacts in bulk using the Excel importer, also available through the + button.

The solution for ADMINISTRATORS of this solution also allows synchronization of contacts from different sources in BeAmbassador, such as:

  • From the invitations module
  • From the ambassadors module
  • From the candidates module
  • From the leads module

The campaign assistant allows launching a mass and personalized email to a set of contacts.

To create a campaign, start the assistant, indicate the title, subject, and select the corresponding template for the send. This template is provided by your ADMINISTRATOR if you are an Ambassador user, and if you are an Administrator user, you can create email templates.

In the second step, you can add the contacts that will receive the communication.

In the third step, proceed to personalize the content of the email, using contact fields such as name and other data that can be added to the message body.

Complete all the properties that appear on the right-hand side.

You can send a test email to verify everything is correct.

In the following and last step, you can see a campaign summary and set the sending options:

  • Schedule. Set the date and time of sending.
  • Send now.
  • Save as draft.

Once the campaign is sent, it cannot be edited. Consult the statistics to understand the real impact of the campaign.


Screen displaying the results obtained from different sent campaigns, highlighting the following data:

  • Total number of messages sent.
  • Number of messages opened.
  • Clicks made on any of the links available in the message.
  • Number of messages that have not been delivered and are marked as bounces.
  • Number of blocked messages.
  • Total number of messages where the “unsubscribe” option has been selected.
  • Total number of messages marked as SPAM.

Remember that the system needs time to collect statistics; a good practice is to check after at least 5 business days, to allow people to interact with the received email.

General Recommendations
  • Send Email Marketing campaigns only to people for whom you have consent.
  • Consult with your ADMINISTRATOR for any doubts about template content.
  • Properly customize the template property in the campaign assistant.
  • Perform a test send to yourself before mass sending.
  • Use statistics to understand the real impact of each communication.
  • Communicate with your ADMINISTRATOR for any issues or feedback received.
  • The frequency of your campaigns is determined by your ADMINISTRATOR.
Other Configuration Options Set by the Administrator

The ADMINISTRATOR managing the account under which the USER works can set some configuration properties that influence the behavior and characteristics of BeAmbassador’s Email Marketing module.

The most important ones are detailed below:


1. Automatic deletion of contacts after campaign sending:

  • With this option, your ADMINISTRATOR can set the system to delete all contacts that have participated in a campaign, but not the statistical data. This option affects only the use by the brand ambassador.
  • This measure aims to protect the people receiving the communication; if this is the case, you will have to import the contacts previously exported from your CRM for each new campaign.
  • People receiving this communication can unsubscribe in the central file of your ADMINISTRATOR, so their data will no longer be available for the next campaign.


2. Locks and Penalties for SPAM

  • When a person receives an email communication, they can mark it as SPAM, thereby reporting that they have received unsolicited email.
  • After sending a campaign, pay special attention to the Spam data provided in the statistics section and always try to send communication to people who have given their consent.
  • The module can block sending unwanted emails and disable the USER, and even the ADMINISTRATOR’s account, for misuse, affecting the use by other USERS under the same corporate account.


3. Additional Costs for Sending Emails

  • The license for the Email Marketing module implies that your ADMINISTRATOR also has a license from the email sending provider (sendgrid).
  • Therefore, the USER does not pay for the use and sending of email to BeAmbassador. It is the ADMINISTRATOR who contracts the module for use by their network of USERS.
  • The standard license has the capacity to send 40,000 emails monthly among all USERS to whom the ADMINISTRATOR activates the Email Marketing module.
  • BeAmbassador’s sales department can get in touch with the ADMINISTRATOR in case the contracted volume is exceeded.