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Top 15 Tips to Motivate Employees in 2024

There is no doubt that motivating employees has become a vital task for any company. With the increasing importance of job satisfaction and employee well-being, companies are turning to new strategies to keep their staff engaged, productive, and happy. Today … Read More

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BeAmbassador is part of the inclusive project of Alcobendas Rugby Union

In line with its commitment to social responsibility and community well-being, BeAmbassador is proud to announce its participation in its first social project through sports. This initiative materialized with the sponsorship of the Club Alcobendas Rugby team, thereby allowing participation … Read More

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Beyond Salary: Attracting Global Talent with Non-Monetary Benefits

In the quest for global talent, companies find themselves amidst fierce competition to attract the most qualified professionals. While salary remains a crucial factor, an increasing number of employees value non-monetary benefits as a key differentiator when choosing their next … Read More

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Employee experience, a key goal for your organization

We already know that in recent times, competition is becoming tougher than ever, and retaining talent is crucial. Employee experience has become a strategic goal for organizations looking to stand out and thrive. Beyond simply offering a salary and benefits, … Read More

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Talent Crisis: Urgent Strategies to Mitigate Turnover in Companies

Current Challenges in the Workforce  Today, companies face a talent crisis that threatens stability and growth. Employee turnover has become a key challenge, leading organizations to review their strategies to retain their top talent.    Organizational Culture: The Soul of … Read More

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Remote work employee branding

How to Foster Employee Branding with Remote Work

In the digital age and with the increasing adoption of remote work, building a strong professional identity has become a crucial element for standing out in the workplace. In this context, Employee Branding, or the management of personal brand in … Read More

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