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The importance of Employer Branding in 2022

Being a recruiter, you must know your company’s organizational culture and values if you want to reflect them when posting any vacancy. That being said, there are not always completely clear, making the employees you consider to not apply or … Read More

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How to create a great brand ambassador value proposition

A brand ambassador program is a formalization of your relationship with other people who share your passion and dedication to a particular brand, which leads them to help you increase its visibility and popularity, taking your corporate branding to new … Read More

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5 employee value proposition examples you should know 

When we refer to strong employee value, we are talking about how to recruit special talent in order to incorporate them into our company. This value can be measured from: the experiences of various employees in our company which can … Read More

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What does a talent acquisition manager do? 

Good recruitment is essential to build a team capable of meeting the expectations that the company requires of them.   Any process to recruit and hire new personnel requires a person who is able to empathize and read well the candidates … Read More

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What is Employee journey map all you have to know to create one 

When we talk about an employee’s journey we describe it as the time that an employee spends in a single company until he leaves or is fired.   This journey starts with the hiring process and is forged with all … Read More

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How to improve internal communication in an employee advocacy program

Promoting your brand is the most important thing. An employee advocacy program is a way to give a boost to your brand and promote a product or service in a more natural and closer way.   This is why it has … Read More

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