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Three-effective -employee-engagement-strategies-BeAmbassador

Three effective employee engagement strategies

Three effective employee engagement strategies   In any business context, employee engagement is the most important factor if we want to improve our productivity in any organization. Everything comes in form of benefits when we use effective employee engagement strategies the … Read More

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The best actions to employee branding program

The best actions to employee branding program

The best actions to an employee branding program   Nowadays, employee branding programs are resulting in excellent new ideas and intellectual properties. Although it’s not a perfect formula, this can guarantee good success or a prosperous future.  For that to happen, … Read More

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Benefist of employee advocacy

4 potential benefits of an employee advocacy program

Employee advocacy is a term that has been heard but not everyone knows what it means. In short, employee advocacy is the capacity to tap into your employees to be part of your digital marketing effort. That can mean sharing … Read More

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employee value proposition

Key Elements of Employee Value Proposition

Employee value proposition or EVP is a concept closely related to Employer Branding. it is the set of strategies and concrete actions that an organization implements intending to attract and retain the best talent. So, It should be an essential … Read More

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Employer branding metrics

Metrics to Measure the Employer Branding Success

When building your employer branding you establish a set of goals. Tracking the right employer branding metrics can help you to measure how successful your company is in meeting these goals. Employer branding seeks short, medium, and long-term results and … Read More

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Benefits of employer branding

The Benefits of Employer Branding

The benefits of employer branding are many. Employees are the ones on the front line materializing all customer desires. So if you can engage employees with the company’s value propositions, you can also engage customers in your brands. More and … Read More

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