Create motivational challenges

Motivate your ambassadors by encouraging them to take a photo with merchandising, take part in a race or post a photo, so they can earn points in the ranking.Management and evolution.

Management and evolution

You can see who has participated in each challenge and approve or reject their proposals. The challenges also allow you to motivate the users who are farthest behind, segment each challenge and let them know how many points they earn if they do it correctly.


Do you also want to have a network of brand ambassadors?

Challenges Features

Custom Challenges

Create your own challenges based on company interests, as well as to support company campaigns and promotions.

Challenge management

See who participates in challenges and approve those that meet the conditions.


Monitor ambassador activity and reward those who have successfully completed each challenge.


You can suggest any challenge you can think of to your brand ambassadors – the imagination is the limit!  

We recommend that you create challenges that are attractive to carry out: take part in a race with your department and send us a photo, upload a photo with your pet, write an article on your blog, take part in company training, suggest more publications?  

No. The ambassador must complete the challenge if he/she wants to get the full amount of points. The administrator will check that they have done this correctly and, if so, they will be awarded the extra points. If not, the administrator may reject the ambassador’s participation.

Of course you can! You can send a specific challenge to each of the ambassador segments you have created on the platform, whether they are departments, branches, zones, etc. 

Yes, the ambassador can resubmit a new justification to their administrator stating that they have completed 100% of the challenge. In addition, there is an internal notes section where they can explain to the administrator why they had to resubmit the challenge

The administrator can assign a different score to each challenge proposed to the network of ambassadors. In this way, he/she will be able to personalize at any time those challenges that are simpler (with fewer points) and those that are more complex, which should be rewarded more.

In order to obtain the additional points for completing the challenge, ambassadors must send the administrator a justification of their participation via the platform. This can be a picture, a video or a link to prove that they have participated successfully.  

The administrator will see in the “Pending approval” section those justifications sent by the ambassadors, and will be able to accept or reject them if the objective of the challenge has not been met.


Other features


Automate the selection of Brand Ambassadors candidates



Segment your network of ambassadors according to the company's interests


Possibility to create a competition in which ambassadors can compete for different prizes.


Monitor ambassadors' activity and performance in real time


Reward the most active ambassadors with the tool


Share external content without leaving the platform

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