Comments and reactions are coming to BeAmbassador!


One of the keys to the success of an Employee Branding strategy is the greater interaction between the brand and the employees, which improves their relationship and well-being within the companies.   

With this in mind, at BeAmbassador we have improved our platform by adding the option for both, administrators and ambassadors, to comment and react to the pieces in the repository, the central module of the platform where content is uploaded.  

In this article, we’ll tell you what it consists of! 👇  

How to comment on the contents of the BeAmbassador repository?  

The first thing you should know is that, as the administrator, you are the one who decides which pieces (both for internal use and for sharing) to allow comments on.  

To do this, you simply click on the “Allow commenting on this piece” button when you upload new content to the repository.  

For content you have uploaded before the launch of this new feature, don’t worry, just edit it and you will be able to add the comment option and start receiving comments.  

Ambassadors will be able to see a new comments panel on both external communication pieces when scheduling, as well as on internal ones when reading them.  

All this functionality is available on both the desktop version (web) and the BeAmbassador mobile app.  

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Reactions to comments from ambassadors and administrators!  

In addition to commenting, both administrators and ambassadors have the possibility to react to the different comments made on the content pieces. From a like to a laugh to a sad 😢, surprised or angry icon, the emojis will say it all!  

In addition to reacting, you can also see how many people have reacted to each comment and who did it. To do this, just hover over the type of reaction and you’ll see a list with the user’s photo and name.  

The user experience is very similar to Microsoft Teams and social networks, so you will find it very intuitive and easy to use.  

Best practices for content repository comment management in BeAmbassador  

Ready to start using comments? Before you do, take note of these best practices to keep things running smoothly:   

As an administrator, you need to be aware of what your ambassadors are commenting on and respond or react to them. Don’t worry, BeAmbassador’s notification system will make this task much easier for you so that you don’t miss a single comment. In addition, the comment icon at the bottom of each piece will be displayed in blue when you have new comments that you haven’t seen.  

Ambassadors will also receive a “Someone has commented on the same piece as you” notification, so they can continue to interact.  

You can customize the ranking points and set how many points you award for commenting on pieces in the repository – remember, they earn points for each different piece they comment on, not for each comment.  

As an administrator you have a moderation tool that allows you to hide comments from ambassadors that may be out of tone or out of context. However, remember to deal with both the good ones and the not-so-good ones. Therefore, we recommend that you always try to give the best response and resolve the situation before hiding any comments. This is where the CMs team can teach you a lot 😉.  

When you hide a comment, the person will see it with a label that says “An administrator has hidden this comment” and the rest of the people will no longer see it.   

Feedback is a great tool for you to listen and get more feedback from your brand ambassadors – use it to make improvements to your programme!  

In short, everyone will be able to create, edit, delete and react to other comments and you, as the administrator, will be able to hide messages from ambassadors as part of the moderation tools, and even show them again.  

Now that you know all about the new commenting functionality on BeAmbassador, what are you waiting for to put it into practice?   

If you have any questions, don’t forget to contact our Technical Support team at and, if you are not yet using BeAmbassador to create your own network of brand ambassadors, request your demo now! 

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