Turn your professors and students in the best brand ambassadors

Turn your professors and students in the best brand ambassadors

BeAmbassador for Universities and Business schools

With BeAmbassador, schools can involve both professors and students and establish a channel of bidirectional communication.

1 %

Of people trust more the recommendations of those who they know

x 1

The content shared by a person has 8 times more engagement than the content shared by the brand

x 1

The employee is 2 times more influential to communicate corporate content rather than the company

Improve the commitment of students and professors

Through the creation of social campus, the study centre can inform at all times both students and professors, as well as managing a risk plan.

Increase the notoriety of the study centre

Attract students with better files and more qualified professors.

Increase the enrollments and fundraising

Increase the enrollments of new students and fundraising of the school, improve the relation of the alumni through social networks.

Benefits for students and professors

Establish a relation with the school through the social campus

Gifts and prizes through a gamification system

Updated information about job offers

With BeAmbassador, the department of General Foundation of Universidad de la Laguna have achieved to dispose contents that help us build a personal and professional brand with daily contents. 

We have increased the number of appointments, where we help entrepreneurs to boost their businesses.

Samuel Reyes

Emprende.ull Coordinator

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