Employee branding continues to rise in Spain and LATAM

  • The number of companies ready to implement employee branding strategies in Spain and LATAM has increased by an average of 60% in 2020
  • Retail companies stand out among industries most likely to implement employee branding strategies, accounting for 20% of the total number of companies interested
  • Latin American companies accounted for almost 80% of those interested in 2020

Madrid, June 30, 2021

According to the latest study on employee branding trends evolution in Spain and LATAM in 2020 and 2021  conducted by BeAmbassador, the use of this strategy continues to grow. The report, conducted from January to December 2020, includes a sample of 1,351 Spanish and Latin American companies that, over the past year, assessed the implementation of this type of strategy with brand ambassadors. After closing a year of excellent figures for 2019, 2020 was shaping up to be very good in this marketing strategy. The coronavirus crisis has only favoured this trend’s evolution. The acceleration of digital transformation, employees’ working at home and telecommuting have boosted employee branding 

Evolution of interest by country in LATAM

2020 began to reveal a greater interest in employee branding strategies from LATAM companies, which accounted for almost 80% of all those interested in that period. In addition to Spain, the most evolved and mature markets ready to apply this type of strategy are Colombia, Peru, Mexico and Ecuador. Chile and Argentina are also present, but to a lesser extent. Moreover, the companies that have shown most interest have proven to be the most qualified and most willing to implement employee branding strategies and programs with brand ambassadors. In this respect, qualified companies’ rate has increased up to 69%, which varies depending on the month and the moment of the pandemic each country faced.  

Leading industries

Interested companies belong to a wide variety of industries, a clear sign that the entire economy is considering solutions related to brand ambassadors.

Based on a sample of 100 companies out of the 1,351 that comprise this study, BeAmbassador’s research has compiled the main economic sectors with the highest interest in brand ambassador strategies, both in Spain and in LATAM. Outstanding in this regard are retail companies, which accounted for 20% of the total number of inquiries and are therefore considered to be the leading players. Following this category are consulting firms and agencies, both marketing (18%) and human resources (13%), which emerged as the most interested companies in 2019, and which also continued to follow this trend during 2020, a challenging year, expanding their services for this type of strategy to their client portfolio.


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