Employee Branding: employee social media for brand amplification

More and more companies are joining employee branding, a process by which employees internalize the brand philosophy and are motivated to project it to other customers and other components of the organization. The result of this strategy is the transformation of the members of the organization into brand ambassadors.

How to turn employees into brand ambassadors?

According to William Arruda, the personal branding “guru”, there are three steps to transform employees into brand ambassadors:

  • Personal Branding: Demonstrate interest in employees and ensure that they feel at home in the company. Support their potential and encourage their personal and professional growth. They will see the company as a workplace where they can progress and grow professionally.
  • Brand awareness: The CEO and senior management of the company must educate the entire team on brand awareness and must live the brand with passion to ensure trust. All employees must know exactly the positioning of the brand and what makes their brand special as opposed to their competitors.
  • Connecting personal and corporate: This means reversing the usual scenario so that personal branding and the corporate brand cooperate rather than compete. This way, the company helps employees in building and projecting their personal brand by integrating both individual and corporate objectives.

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The easiest way: an employee branding platform

To implement this strategy effectively, the best solution is to use an employee branding platform, which allows ambassadors to automate the dissemination of content from their employers’ blog and third parties, through their own social media.With these platforms, brand ambassadors do not have to worry about maintaining a daily presence on social media, as the company will make relevant content available for them to share at the click of a button. BeAmbassador was created to help companies enhance their branding through their employees.

Strengths of BeAmbassador

BeAmbassador’s features make this employee branding platform one of the best at an international scale.

In the first place, it is worth highlighting that the content curation of the corporate blog, landing pages, and relevant industry content does not depend on the employee, thus solving time and frequency constraints.

On the other hand, employees’ social profiles are linked to the app via a secure link, which means that companies never have access to the employee’s social media credentials. Additionally, the company has control over the content shared with its employees; they can monitor statistics on the impact on social media, and they can create customizable reports generated automatically from the statistical data provided by the tool. Among the platform’s many other features, BeAmbassador allows establishing a direct communication channel with the marketing team in order for employees to “speak up”.

The interface is ready for employees to assess the quality of the content, whether it is relevant to his or her community, whether the frequency of publication is adequate, etc., and to provide suggestions for improvements that may be taken into consideration. In addition, employees have access to their individual statistics, which allows them to be aware of the performance of their activity.

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