Remote work employee branding

How to Foster Employee Branding with Remote Work

In the digital age and with the increasing adoption of remote work, building a strong professional identity has become a crucial element for standing out in the workplace. In this context, Employee Branding, or the management of personal brand in … Read More

Culture of appretiation

Micro-Moments in Employment: Building a Culture of Continuous Appreciation

In today’s world, we live in a time where time is a scarce resource and demands are constant. More often than we should, we overlook the small moments that can have a significant impact on the morale and productivity of … Read More

Employee Experience: what you need to know to retain talent

Employee Experience: what you need to know to retain talent   Retaining talent is one of the fundamental keys to the success of any organization. As the labor market evolves and employees seek more than just a simple salary, the … Read More

Employee Branding

8 effective strategies to retain talent in your company 

8 effective strategies to retain talent in your company  In today’s competitive business environment, the ability to retain exceptional talent is essential for the long-term success of any company. Attracting and retaining the best professionals can make the difference between … Read More


AI and how to leverage it to enhance Employee Experience

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a powerful tool to improve various aspects of everyday life, and the workplace is no exception. The ability of machines to analyze large volumes of data and learn from them has opened new opportunities to … Read More

Guide to Developing Your Company's Employer Brand

Guide to Developing Your Company’s Employer Brand

The employer brand has become a key factor in attracting and retaining talent in today’s competitive job market. That’s why the Guide to Developing Your Company’s Employer Brand is an essential tool. Successful organizations recognize that developing a strong employer … Read More


Strategies for successfully creating an internal communication plan

We already know that the business world is becoming increasingly complex and competitive. For that reason, a plan of internal communication strategies is now more than ever, a fundamental tool for companies to achieve the success they expect. An effective … Read More

Sustainability and employee branding in companies

Currently, companies face great pressure to improve their image regarding their commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Additionally, companies are increasingly interested in promoting their image as employers of choice. Both concepts, sustainability and employer branding, are becoming key … Read More


Employee Branding vs Employer Branding: main differences

Indeed, you have heard of these two terms in many occasions, but, as it always happened, they can be a very bit confusing, asking yourself if you truly know what are you talking about when you peach certain ideas to … Read More


5 employee value proposition examples you should know 

When we refer to strong employee value, we are talking about how to recruit special talent in order to incorporate them into our company. This value can be measured from: the experiences of various employees in our company which can … Read More