5 Employer Branding ideas to avoid talent drain

5 Employer Branding ideas to avoid talent drain

Any branding or company can run out of ideas, drowning in a phenomenon called talent drain.  One of the main steps to take firstly is to benchmark what other companies, similar to ours, are doing in regard to Employer Branding. … Read More


Employee Branding vs Employer Branding: main differences

Indeed, you have heard of these two terms in many occasions, but, as it always happened, they can be a very bit confusing, asking yourself if you truly know what are you talking about when you peach certain ideas to … Read More


The importance of Employer Branding in 2022

Being a recruiter, you must know your company’s organizational culture and values if you want to reflect them when posting any vacancy. That being said, there are not always completely clear, making the employees you consider to not apply or … Read More


How to create a great brand ambassador value proposition

A brand ambassador program is a formalization of your relationship with other people who share your passion and dedication to a particular brand, which leads them to help you increase its visibility and popularity, taking your corporate branding to new … Read More


What does a talent acquisition manager do? 

Good recruitment is essential to build a team capable of meeting the expectations that the company requires of them.   Any process to recruit and hire new personnel requires a person who is able to empathize and read well the candidates … Read More

employee value proposition

Key Elements of Employee Value Proposition

Employee value proposition or EVP is a concept closely related to Employer Branding. it is the set of strategies and concrete actions that an organization implements intending to attract and retain the best talent. So, It should be an essential … Read More

Employer branding metrics

Metrics to Measure the Employer Branding Success

When building your employer branding you establish a set of goals. Tracking the right employer branding metrics can help you to measure how successful your company is in meeting these goals. Employer branding seeks short, medium, and long-term results and … Read More

Benefits of employer branding

The Benefits of Employer Branding

The benefits of employer branding are many. Employees are the ones on the front line materializing all customer desires. So if you can engage employees with the company’s value propositions, you can also engage customers in your brands. More and … Read More

Employer Branding

Employer Branding on social media: How to improve your employer brand?

Employer Branding, is a term that has gained increasing relevance lately. Every day we read and hear more about it on social networks and we begin to be aware that the world of human resources has changed. People are no … Read More

Companies Employer Branding

Employer Branding companies: great examples

You already know by now the great importance of a good employer branding strategy and the huge benefits they present to companies of all types, conditions and sizes, so we will not go any further into that subject in this … Read More