How Employer Branding can influence customer perception and loyalty

Employer Branding, or the construction of a strong employer brand, is not only crucial for attracting and retaining talent within an organization but also has a significant impact on customer perception and loyalty. In a business world where the customer … Read More

Challenges in talent acquisition and how to face them

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How to develop an effective human resources plan using Employer Branding

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10 Top Employer companies in Spain

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Employer Value Proposition

How to measure the success of your EVP and adjust it according to the needs of your employees

Companies have understood the importance of having an Employer Value Proposition (EVP) to attract and retain top talent. An effective EVP not only helps the company differentiate itself from its competitors, but also helps build a strong culture and attract … Read More

Candidate Experience

Employer Branding: How does it affect the candidate’s experience?

Employer Branding is a process that aims to improve a company’s image and reputation as an employer. The candidate experience refers to everything a potential employee experiences from the moment they start researching the company until the end of the … Read More

People Analytics

People Analytics: what is it and why is it a trend for HR in 2023?

People Analytics is an emerging discipline in the field of Human Resources that focuses on the collection, analysis, and utilization of data to make informed decisions and improve the performance and satisfaction of workers.  This approach is based on the … Read More

What is upskilling?

Why is upskilling important for your career?

Upskilling is the process of acquiring new skills and knowledge to improve in your current job or prepare for a different career. This can range from learning to use new software to taking a certification course in a field related … Read More

Employee Experience

Employee Experience: a key goal for your organization

The employee experience is a key aspect for the success of any organization. A positive work environment and a healthy company culture can improve motivation, productivity, and employee retention. It’s important for companies to focus on improving the employee experience … Read More

employee journey: definition and advantages

Employee Journey: Definition and Advantages

The Employee Journey is the experience process that a worker goes through from the moment they join a company until they leave it. It includes stages such as hiring, adaptation, professional development and growth, and finally departure or retirement.    … Read More