Benefits of employer branding

The Benefits of Employer Branding

The benefits of employer branding are many. Employees are the ones on the front line materializing all customer desires. So if you can engage employees with the company’s value propositions, you can also engage customers in your brands. More and … Read More

Employer Branding

Employer Branding on social media: How to improve your employer brand?

Employer Branding, is a term that has gained increasing relevance lately. Every day we read and hear more about it on social networks and we begin to be aware that the world of human resources has changed. People are no … Read More

Companies Employer Branding

Employer Branding companies: great examples

You already know by now the great importance of a good employer branding strategy and the huge benefits they present to companies of all types, conditions and sizes, so we will not go any further into that subject in this … Read More

Which social networks to use in an employer branding platform

Which social networks to use in an employer branding platform?

Employer branding refers to the reputation of a company or organization as an employer, and its value proposition to employees. Social platforms are a key tool for creating an employer branding platform that is attractive to both the company’s employees … Read More

Employer Branding Strategy in your company

Employer branding strategy in your company

When it comes to retaining qualified talent, having an Employer Branding strategy is upmost important. However, this strategy must be well formulated. Here are some suggestions on how to do it. 6 steps to build a successful Employer Branding strategy 95% of … Read More