Employer Branding on social media: How to improve your employer brand?

Employer Branding

Employer Branding, is a term that has gained increasing relevance lately. Every day we read and hear more about it on social networks and we begin to be aware that the world of human resources has changed.

People are no longer hiring with the same methods as before, nor are they looking at resumes.

Recent studies evidence that companies that have plans to motivate their employees show a 26% increase in annual revenue compared to those that do not have such measures.

But do you really know What Employer Branding is? Do you know examples of Employer Branding on social media?

If your answer is NO to any of the above questions or if you want to dive deeper into this topic, you are in the right place, because this is what I am going to unveil in this post.

Let’s get started!  


What is Employer Branding?

Employer Branding is the brand image that your company conveys when it adopts the role of employer.

At some point in our lives, we have all sought information about the company that wants to hire us: what do others say about it, what do current employees think of the company? What about former employees, do they share the same ideas?

This is Employer Branding. Not only what the company says about themselves or what they do, but also what others perceive of it: suppliers, customers, employees, competitors, etc. The success of a company depends on this global image:

  • Recruiting new talent.
  • Retaining the talent they already employ.

For some years now, lists of the best companies to work for have been published and are widely consulted by potential candidates in selection processes. They are interested in the digital reputation of the brand before making their final decision on whether or not to accept the job.

And that’s without forgetting the impact that social media have on our daily lives.

In fact, this new approach to what we used to call Human Resources has a lot to do with the digitalization of companies, which is so present in successful business models.  


Facts to take into account in an Employer Branding strategy on social media

Any company that wants to evolve and grow in the 21st century must have a Digital Selling strategy from which to develop, on a global scale, the different aspects of its digital transformation. And it is within it where I recommend that you include your Employer Branding strategy on social media.

The actions to take into account are diverse and varied, but all of them should be focused on unifying the internal and external message, as well as the image projected by your company.

The most important ones are:  


Let your team be your brand ambassador!

Knowing each of your employees well is essential to get the most out of their potential and achieve optimal performance. You have to know their expectations of growth within the company and create loyalty policies to make them happy in your company. In return, they will help you attract talent to your company by becoming brand ambassadors on social media.  


The transparent and real company attracts more talent

The employer brand image should not be “smoke and mirrors”, but real. Make sure that others have the idea of your company that you want them to have. Work so what they say about you is the same as what you want to convey. It is important that your organization shares its real values, its way of working and how it takes care of its talent.  


Social media are your Employer Branding loudspeaker, use them wisely

Social media are an excellent channel to interact and get in touch with your ideal client. Explain there what you do and how you do it, share images of the day to day, present your employees and their promotions, share their successes.

Work with your brand ambassadors so that they can be the loudspeaker of your company. They know better than anyone how the company works and breathes. Empower them!  


Involving all departments of the company is the basis for success.

Employer Branding on social media is the global image that your company projects. Therefore, a good strategy has to involve all departments of your company so that the brand ambassadors reflect this global integration.

The strategy will not be a success if it is not global, that is, a success for everyone.  

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Some examples of Employer Branding on social media

There are many companies that can be an inspiration when creating your Employer Branding model. Some have really understood that the path to success, today, lies in the global digital transformation of all their departments.

Here are three of them:  


#1 Reale Seguros

Reale Seguros: “More than a place to work”, that is their motto.

It is the first company in the world to achieve an A+ rating as a family-friendly company. They do this, for example, with family-friendly schedules for employees who have children under 5 years of age – and they do it with no decrease in salary!

They allow flexible working hours; help employees with dependent family members; have social benefits and provide an ongoing training program.

Undoubtedly a benchmark in the Spanish insurance sector, which attracts talent working very well their social media and taking care of their employees.

If you are interested in the strategy carried out by Reale Seguros, I recommend you not to miss the case study they have developed with BeAmbassador thanks to their strategy with brand ambassadors.  


#2 Acciona

Acciona’s purpose is to design a better planet, that’s why “we need you”. This is what they say on their specific page created to attract talent and explain why to work in the company.

It is the first organization in the best Employer Branding companies ranking, carried out by “Talent Street” in Spain.

It also has a specific page on talent management, a blog where they advice on how to face selection processes and various channels with many images and videos where they transmit their values such as female leadership, equal opportunities and inclusion.

Who wouldn’t want to work for a company that, right from the start, helps you to pass a selection process? This is caring about (future) employees.  


#3 Banco Mediolanum

Within banking there is also a lot of traction towards this “humanizing” trend, to try to bring the general public closer and gain that trust that, over time, was lost. Some want to improve the sector’s image and start by working on their own.

An example of this is Banco Mediolanum, which is working on its Employer Branding strategy with social media in two different ways:

  • Pages aimed at recruiting talent.
  • Option to work as a Family Banker, in order to “accompany the client in his financial life cycle”. Note that they do not call themselves “financial advisors”, but rather “Family Bankers”. This says a lot about their philosophy and values.

In both cases its motto is: Our differential value, you. 

They rely on videos to attract talent and explain the experience of working at Mediolanum as a life project. Their social media are also used as a platform for training and dissemination of finance tips at user level and, in this way, they achieve the proximity and personalization that are part of their DNA.  


Concluding remarks

In an increasingly digital world, it is essential to have an Employer Branding strategy on social media to attract and retain talent in your company.

So, after everything we’ve talked about in this post, answer this question: Do you recruit and retain talent or do you recruit candidates? 

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