Companies Employer Branding

Employer Branding companies: great examples

You already know by now the great importance of a good employer branding strategy and the huge benefits they present to companies of all types, conditions and sizes, so we will not go any further into that subject in this … Read More

Brand ambassador program

How to Build a Brand Ambassador Program

Come on, let’s be honest. Do you know what exactly a brand ambassador program is? A brand ambassador program formalizes your relationship with people who have a special connection to your brand and engages with them to help you increase … Read More

inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing: the future of B2B marketers

Inbound marketing, also known as “attraction marketing”, is an approach widely used by companies to attract new customers. It is about increasing people’s interest in a product or company by delivering quality content through channels that are relevant to their … Read More

Which social networks to use in an employer branding program

Which social networks to use in an employer branding program?

Employer branding refers to the reputation of a company or organization as an employer, and its value proposition to employees. Social platforms are a key tool for creating an employer branding program that is attractive to both the company’s employees … Read More


Employee branding continues to rise in Spain and LATAM

The number of companies ready to implement employee branding strategies in Spain and LATAM has increased by an average of 60% in 2020 Retail companies stand out among industries most likely to implement employee branding strategies, accounting for 20% of … Read More

Employer Branding Strategy in your company

Employer Branding strategy: how to successfully implement one in your company

When it comes to retaining qualified talent, having an Employer Branding strategy is upmost important. However, this strategy must be well formulated. Here are some suggestions on how to do it.  6 steps to build a successful Employer Branding strategy 95% of … Read More

Employee Branding: employee social media for brand amplification

More and more companies are joining employee branding, a process by which employees internalize the brand philosophy and are motivated to project it to other customers and other components of the organization. The result of this strategy is the transformation … Read More


BeAmbassador explores the Scandinavian market with the Swedish company JOHOC

The Swedish consulting firm specialized in business internationalization, JOHOC, enables companies to develop in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Berlin and Brussels, among others. This partnership is integrated in BeAmbassador’s internationalization plan, underway in Latin America, and already expanding to other markets with an interest in Employee Branding strategies.  Madrid, … Read More