the best employee advocacy platform

How to choose the best employee advocacy platform?

Companies are beginning to harness the power of their employees to act as ambassadors and improve the reach of their content and sales. In order to achieve this, more and more companies are deciding to create, manage and monitor an … Read More

Employer Branding

Employer Branding on social media: How to improve your employer brand?

Employer Branding, is a term that has gained increasing relevance lately. Every day we read and hear more about it on social networks and we begin to be aware that the world of human resources has changed. People are no … Read More

Brand ambassador program

How to Build a Brand Ambassador Program

Come on, let’s be honest. Do you know what exactly a brand ambassador program is? A brand ambassador program formalizes your relationship with people who have a special connection to your brand and engages with them to help you increase … Read More

Employee Branding: employee social media for brand amplification

More and more companies are joining employee branding, a process by which employees internalize the brand philosophy and are motivated to project it to other customers and other components of the organization. The result of this strategy is the transformation … Read More