Automatic Schedule

Automatic schedule

Without a click!

We make it easy for ambassadors! If authorized, your social media may be updated with no effort.

Humanized communication

Intelligent automation humanizes communication in social media and increases the commitment of ambassadors.

Planificación automática para tus embajadores de marca con BeAmbassador

Do you also want to have a brand ambassadors network?

Main features


Prior authorization

Ambassadors will authorize or not the brand to spread automatically according to their preferences


Editable outbox

Ambassador will have access to their outbox at all times and they can edit the messages


Custom schedules

Administrator will be able to detect the best hours to publish in each profile and adjust the diffusion.

Other features

Content Library

Interesting content library available to your ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors Network

Segment your network of ambassadors according to company goals


Monitor your ambassadors activity in real time


Reward the most active ambassadors thanks to their position in the ranking

Content Curation

Share external content without leaving the platform

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