Brand Ambassadors Network

Your best allies

Your team is your best social media brand ambassador because the content shared by them will have more credibility for the users.


You can be aware at all times of the activity of your ambassadors and how your strategy is working.

Crea tu propia red de embajadores de marca con BeAmbassador

Do you also want to have a brand ambassadors network?

Main features


Group the ambassadors into relevant categories according to their department, area, etc.


Establish the permissions for each ambassador based on the interests of the brand


You can be aware of your ambassadors activity and performance in real time.

Other features

Content Library

Interesting content library available to your ambassadors

Automatic schedule

Automatically content schedule in the ambassadors profiles


Monitor your ambassadors activity in real time


Reward the most active ambassadors thanks to the ranking

Content Curation

Share external content without leaving the platform

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