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You already know by now the great importance of a good employer branding strategy and the huge benefits they present to companies of all types, conditions and sizes, so we will not go any further into that subject in this post. Precisely because of these advantages, you will also know that more and more companies in our country and around the world are making a very strong commitment to creating strategies that help them to build a very strong employer brand.

I know that this topic interests you a lot, and that’s why, before diving any deeper into the subject, I’m going to share with you our White Paper on Employee Branding, as well as a report about the evolution of Employee Branding in our country. I highly recommend you to take a look at both documents.

Now let’s get down to business.

Fortunately, we are finding more and more examples of companies that take employer branding very seriously, that carry out great strategies to achieve a powerful employer brand and take advantage of its benefits. These are what we will call Employer Branding Companies.

Employer Branding Companies in Social Media

Internationally there are a lot of Employer Branding Companies that are working very well on social media platforms.

Think about it, what better way to make your company known than using your own social media channels? It’s not hard to find good examples of employer branding companies doing precisely that..

A great example is Zappos. If you think selling shoes is boring, you are quite wrong, as this shoe company has been one of the best employer branding companies in the United States for several years now. Check out their Instagram account to see how they work this subject.

Turns out, you don’t need to use Instagram just to showcase your company’s brand and culture. Twitter is also a great platform for that, and General Mills is making a great use of it. On their Twitter feed, you can get to know their staff and be informed of what they do during their workday, as well as keep up with the many events they attend as a team.

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Make the most of your recruitment process

Hiring is hard, no matter how many times you’ve done it and how competent your HR team is. In addition to getting some great candidates, hiring can be an excellent opportunity to showcase more of your company and the values it stands for.

For example, you can donate a certain amount of money to a certain cause for each candidate who reaches a certain point in your hiring process. An example of this is what Teamweek does: they plant a tree every time a candidate passes the test. In fact, Teamweek’s hiring campaign has been so successful that one of the applicants made this blog post raving about their hiring process. This is a good example of employer branding companies.

Zappos again needs to be highlighted for the way they handle their hiring process to create a strong employer brand. Their efforts result in them receiving over 30,000 applications a year; obviously, many are not hired and therefore are unhappy.

This is why the brand created the Insider Program and stopped using traditional applications. Anyone can join the program if they want to work at Zappos at some point, which makes it easier for the company and its recruiters to make more meaningful connections with future employees.

Accenture is another of these companies that take hiring to another level. Browse their career page and you’ll get something quite unusual: a step-by-step explanation of the entire hiring process, from the initial contact, to the point where the applicant is hired. With this kind of transparency, candidates always know where they stand in the selection process.

Use Storytelling

Everyone enjoys a good story. If it can be used for marketing purposes, it can definitely be used to build employer branding as well. Here’s an example:

UPS tells the story of Carson, a little boy who loves to see the company’s driver drop off shipments, and this video shows what it’s like to work for this delivery giant. The campaign went viral, garnering more than 4 million views since its launch in 2014.

If you’re ready for another story, check out Greats` footwear company videos.

With simple, straightforward videos, they talk about how Greats was founded and what they intend to do in the footwear market. By showing their story, they can attract applicants looking to join a brand that wants to make a difference in this industry.

You probably expect Netflix to be a great storytelling company, and you’re right. Their job openings page has a variety of videos of their own employees. You can discover through them what their corporate culture is like, how the team works together, what challenges they face, what they do for fun at Netflix, and much more. It’s a window for outsiders to get a glimpse into the inner workings of the company, and it’s a great magnet for attracting new employees.

Findings about Employer Branding companies

While building a great employer brand is a complicated and time-consuming process, the benefits it brings definitely make up for the time and money spent. Here are just a few of the many ways companies work in different industries on their employer branding strategy. You can learn from them or create something completely new to captivate new applicants and retain employees you already have.

Do you happen to know any other great examples of employer branding?

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