How to choose the best employee advocacy platform?

best employee advocacy platform

Companies are beginning to harness the power of their employees to act as ambassadors and improve the reach of their content marketing and sales. In order to achieve this, more and more companies are deciding to create, manage and monitor an employee advocacy program and the best thing to do is to have an employee advocacy platform that meets all your company’s needs.

What is employee advocacy?

This concept refers to the promotion of a brand by employees through their social media profiles. It is estimated that company messages posted by employees have a 24 times greater reach. Therefore, Employee Advocacy allows to humanize the content and generate greater trust in the company.

Brand benefits

  • Optimize the image and increase notoriety
  • Increase organic reach of social media strategy (posts and campaigns)
  • Improve employee engagement and loyalty levels
  • Enhance corporate culture
  • Increase consumer confidence
  • Attract new customers

Employees benefits

  • Networking: posting original content on social media allows to create networking opportunities. Your ambassadors will interact with others and spread the brand message around the world.
  • Improve social media use: some employees are not big users of social media, but still want to be ambassadors. Employee advocacy platforms allows to calendar posts and help them to feel comfortable using those channels.
  • Rewards: employee advocacy platforms usually have gamification tools with prizes for ambassadors. The more share and interact with content, more points and rewards can earn.

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How to choose an employee advocacy platform?

An employee advocacy platform is a software solution used to implement an employee advocacy strategy. These programs focus on the content shared by ambassadors on social networks and are an excellent way to increase the brand’s organic reach and engagement. They are also a perfect tool for building trust and credibility.

An employee advocacy platform allows you to streamline the entire process. They allow you to create and share content, customize it to ensure authenticity and measure performance. In addition, they are usually integrated with major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn elevate and Instagram.

When choosing an employee advocacy platform, you should choose those that use gamification to incentivize and engage your ambassadors with the program.

BeAmbassador, the best employee advocacy platform

As you know, every company has different needs, so no two employee advocacy programs are the same. That’s why at BeAmbassador we offer an employee advocacy platform with different features that help companies with everything they need to carry out their strategy.

Among the features of our platform, you will find:

  • Content repository: allows ambassadors to share segmented content based on their interests.
  • Analytics: monitor your ambassadors’ activity in real time and analyze the impact of their publications.
  • Network of ambassadors: create a network of brand ambassadors and segment them by area, department, etc.
  • Gamification: create rankings, and offer incentives to reward your most active ambassadors.
  • Automatic scheduling: schedule content automatically on the social profiles of your ambassadors with prior authorization.
  • Content curation: share quality and relevant content without leaving the platform.
  • And much more: create challenges, boost your lead acquisition or train your employees. We help your company with all your needs.

Do you want more information about our platform? Request your demo here and don’t wait any longer to turn your employees into brand ambassadors. A world of benefits is waiting for you!

If you liked this post, don’t hesitate to continue learning more about this topic and for that we offer you our whitepaper where you will find more information.

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