How to create a great brand ambassador value proposition


A brand ambassador program is a formalization of your relationship with other people who share your passion and dedication to a particular brand, which leads them to help you increase its visibility and popularity, taking your corporate branding to new levels you never thought possible. 

When you are a great brand ambassador and part of a complex and well-worked program, it will be possible to recruit the best advocates for your cause. Who, luckily, already reside as employees in your own company. These people will always promote your brand without you even having to ask them to do so. 

These ambassadors and spokespersons will dedicate themselves exclusively to:

  • Promoting your brand.
  • Achieving greater international recognition.
  • Increasing sales.
  • Creating awareness campaigns both online and offline.

All of this will help you create a great brand ambassador value proposition, helping your company to achieve new goals and meet pending or new objectives that have arisen from the success of this promotion. 

How to create a great brand ambassador value proposition 

To create a great brand ambassador value proposition it is important to take into account certain steps in order to, first, have a work program that allows us to increase these figures. 

Although it is always a good starting factor to have satisfied customers who have left good reviews both on Google My Business and through word of mouth. 

Below we will follow a series of steps to create an excellent brand ambassador program that will allow us to increase our value proposition. 

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Choosing the best brand ambassador:

Before starting the program in question, it is important to know what we are looking for in a brand ambassador. So that we can choose the best possible candidates that will allow us to raise our company above its possibilities. 

It all boils down to putting on the table the qualities that we are interested in highlighting in a brand ambassador so that he or she represents our company and its values as we wish since contradictions could complicate our lives if we do not follow the process properly. 

Finding the brand ambassador:

Once we are clear about the main ideas and the qualities we want from our brand ambassadors, it is time to start looking through:

  • Internet
  • Job portals
  • Local employment agencies

However, it is always good to review our contacts before opting for someone totally unknown, because there are always people in our environment that could give the perfect profile and act as brand ambassadors with the highest quality and professionalism, which will help to increase the brand ambassador value proposition. 

Social networks can be good allies in this search, as they can allow us through hashtags, or other methods, to help us navigate among thousands of posts until we find a person who speaks our same business language and can give us a great brand ambassador value proposition. 

Establish the objectives:

Once we have found our brand ambassadors it is time to start a series of meetings to reach an agreement with them. After signing contracts, move on to discuss and propose different objectives and how to start the process of promoting the company. 

It is important to establish the missions for each ambassador, giving them the necessary resources so that they can apply their magic. 

While you can choose to pay them a salary, it is imperative to keep brand ambassadors happy. Either with money, special gifts, or privileges within the company. 

We must maintain the best possible relationship with the brand ambassadors:

It is absolutely essential and a priority to have an excellent relationship with all our brand ambassadors. As it is the only way to get them to bring out their best version and performance.

In this way able to exercise a business promotion at the height of what is needed.

Building professional and even personal relationships will always be an added benefit, because a person who is happy with us will be more motivated and this motivation will make them do their job better, which, as a consequence, will raise our company even higher. It’s a win-win situation. 

Always maintain fluid communication through all possible channels, even leaving open lines with the brand ambassadors that only they can use because it is vital that they can contact you as quickly as possible in case they have questions or important news. 

And these would be the keys to how to create a great brand ambassador value proposition from solid and effective brand ambassador planning. 

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