How to deal with a bad reputation crisis with a brand ambassadors network

How to deal with a bad reputation crisis


There are times when your company will face a bad reputation crisis. This can not only be a disaster for the company’s image but also for its ability to attract qualified candidates and even keep the employees already working in it. So it is important that human resources also gets involved and seeks to clean up the company’s reputation.

The reasons for a bad reputation crisis can be many but also the ways to solve it. A well-structured brand ambassador network can be of great help to solve it. Let’s see what a brand ambassador is and how it can help you to improve the reputation of your company.

What is a brand ambassador?

A Brand Ambassador is a person with a certain prestige and reputation who promotes and disseminates the values, services, and products of a brand or company. He or she is a representative of the brand at all times but is not only the spokesperson but must naturally incorporate the corporate values and company culture.

This type of marketing has its origins in the 60s and still has a lot of validity. At the time it was normal to see ads on TV that actors, celebrities of the time, soccer players, and TV personalities promoting any type of product.

This branding strategy has evolved and now an ambassador does not necessarily have to be super famous and appear on tv. The company’s employees, loyal customers, and industry experts can be brand ambassadors.

Currently, the channels used by branding ambassadors are varied, the most important being social media, where through their profiles, ambassadors share publications about their experience, answer questions from users or make recommendations.

It is also common for brand ambassadors to

  • attend events as guests or speakers
  • interacting with attendees
  • answering different questions from the media
  • sharing moments of the event on their Social Media

The use and creation of a brand ambassador network can be an effective talent acquisition strategy and can be of great help in a bad reputation crisis, improving the overall brand image.

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How can a brand ambassador network help in a bad reputation crisis?

Having a Brand Ambassador network that works properly and fulfills its role to perfection can translate into an improvement in aspects such as:

  • sales
  • brand awareness
  • and vital aspects in a bad reputation crisis such as brand valuation and improvement of the corporate image

Brand Ambassadors can spread the word about a company’s services and/or products naturally, using their social media, so it is not so necessary to resort to the usual advertising channels.

If it is a person known by a wide audience, with a good reputation and recognition. The brand will also be identified directly with this person and his or her values.

For this reason, it is very important to choose the right Brand Ambassador. Choosing the wrong person can have a negative effect. Brands have often been forced to cancel the agreements they had with their ambassadors when they fell out of favor with the public.

When our brand is going through a bad reputation crisis and we have Brand Ambassadors who enjoy the respect and even admiration of the public, the brand’s image is highly reinforced. Of course, to be linked to a person who enjoys such public appreciation is not something that is within the reach of any company.

Using your employees as a Brand Ambassadors

If you have a small company it is better to have a brand ambassador network. This can be done by using employees as brand ambassadors. If this is the case, it is advisable to insist on the need for them to act in a manner consistent with the company’s principles and values.

Employing employees as brand ambassadors allows:

  • greater closeness with consumers
  • they are seen as another consumer
  • which helps to increase familiarity and identification
  • two vital aspects to improve the image of our company

If you have decided to turn your employees into brand ambassadors, it is important to make the right choice of professionals. It is clear that not all employees are suitable for this role.

What characteristics should a brand ambassador have?

If you decide to create a brand ambassador network, human resources can make a crisis management plan to choose the right people for this task, for this, the candidates must have certain characteristics.

An ambassador must be charismatic and influential. Their opinions must be taken into consideration by the audience and their judgment must be positively valued.

The brand ambassador will be a permanent representative of the company and everything he or she does or says can influence for better or worse the valuation of the company.

This is why he or she must represent the company’s values because if there are inconsistencies or if a certain imposture is perceived in the discourse, your messages will lose credibility.

The Brand Ambassador must generate trust in the potential customers who interact with him or her. Ideally, he/she should be able to create an emotional connection with the audience, either because he/she shares their needs and/or preferences, or because his/her messages are credible and add value to the community in question.

It is also important for ambassadors to interact with suppliers, collaborators, or former employees and thus create an influence network.

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