José Olarreaga, CEO of BeAmbassador: “A brand ambassador is a person who is willing to advocate for the company they work for

Employer branding has become the primary focus of companies when it comes to retaining their talent. The world has changed, and employees have different needs and demand different requirements to be satisfied and proud to belong to an organization. Thus, it is necessary for companies to focus on becoming an attractive employer brand for their entire human team to stay competitive in the talent race.

If customers make a business profitable, employees are the ones who bring it to life. Employees are undoubtedly the brand ambassadors.

And what better way to address the importance of the employer branding concept than with José Olarreaga Yeregui, CEO and Co-founder of BeAmbassador. From RRHHDigital, we had the opportunity to chat with the co-founder of this platform specializing in enhancing the brand of companies on social media and their employer branding strategy.

“There are many employees who reject certain companies because they lack social commitment,” explains José, “we are moving not only towards flexibility, salary, social commitment, etc. It is essential to meet the expectations of current and future employees, and if it aligns with employee expectations, the result of the effort will be seen in happiness, a sense of belonging…”

BeAmbassador is a startup that was born in Spain in 2019 in response to the observed need for a tool that allows the formal execution of these employee value proposition strategies, with a larger number of people and data. It has now become established in several European Union countries as well as in Latin America.

How does it work? The company prepares content that is made available to the employee, who can then share it with a single click on their social networks. A good ambassador program considers them active members of that value proposition and expects them to engage. The company will seek their opinion on content, involve them in activities, challenges, and consider them as specific members and change generators within the company.

“The employee value proposition: it must develop a strategy that allows not only an attractive company in terms of conditions but also the right work environment.”

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An Award-Winning Startup As an example of BeAmbassador’s impact on talent attraction and retention, this platform won the award for the most innovative startup in the Startup Competition at the fifth edition of RRHHDigital’s HR Innovation Summit.

And BeAmbassador didn’t stop there in 2022; it also received the award for the best HR startup at Alhambra Venture in July.

The benefits of using this platform are clear: working with a brand ambassador is a way to multiply the impact they will have. It stands out for its simplicity, increased sense of belonging, and interactive capabilities.

BeAmbassador was born in Spain, but it already has different clients in various locations across the European Union and Latin America. Their main idea is to consolidate this growth, continue advancing in terms of technology, and continue to be an example.

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