Real time analytics

Measure the impact

Have access at all times to statistics on the performance of ambassadors, content, sales and audiences on social media.

Optimize results

Being aware of the different metrics will allow you to establish changes and improvements to your strategy.

Analíticas en tiempo real con BeAmbassador

Do you also want to have a brand ambassadors network?

Main features



Monitor ambassadors activity and discover what benefits you get from their posts


Best content

Discover the most interesting content for your ambassadors and which ones provide the most scope


Data Export

Export all your data to a file compatible with Microsoft Power BI or Google Data Studio


From the Social Analytics section you can consult all the results that your brand ambassadors are obtaining with their activity on social networks.  

In this way, you can see how their followers are increasing, how many publications they make, organic and paid impressions obtained, interactions…  

This data can be consulted both in a generic way for the entire network of ambassadors and by segment of them and know, for example, which department gets better results.  

On the other hand, Content Analytics will allow you to get statistics on the use of the Content Library by category.

Whenever you want, you can consult the evolution in the number of impressions obtained thanks to your ambassadors, both individually and collectively.  

Yes, you can use the Social Analytics filters to find out, individually, how each ambassador is performing on their social networks. You will be able to see all the data differentiated by each of the social networks that the ambassador is connected to.

If you connect the company’s profiles to BeAmbassador to use the corporate planner you will be able to see the different metrics of the corporate social networks as well, which will allow you to know if you are doing well, and to make changes if you are not.

Of course! Whenever you want, you can export your statistics in a compatible Excel format as a data source for Microsoft Power BI or Google Data Studio.

Yes, ambassadors can also check from BeAmbassador how their different metrics are evolving in each of the social networks they are connected to: followers, impressions, interactions

You can enable or disable this section from the settings. You can also specify which ambassadors you can enable it for.

Other features


Automate the selection of Brand Ambassadors candidates


Content Library

Interesting content library available to your ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors Network

Segment your network of ambassadors according to company goals


Possibility to create a competition in which ambassadors can compete for different prizes.


Reward the most active ambassadors thanks to their position in the ranking

Content Curation

Share external content without leaving the platform

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