Content curation

Content curation

Sector news

With BeAmbassador feeds system, company can share with brand ambassadors not only the corporate content, but all the news of its sector.

Professional brand

Nourish with relevant content their social media profiles to enhance the professional brand of your employees.

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Main features


Content library

Administrator can add those interesting sources and curate their content to the library in one click.


Category for each source

Determine a category for each source. It will be easier to share content with each department.


Updated content

When new content comes out, you can share it with your ambassadors with a single click, without leaving the platform.


The content curation option is a way of helping to manage the Content Library. In it, administrators can create their own feed with the different content sources they want. They will be able to check the updates of those websites or media from the platform and, if they discover any interesting content, send it directly to the Content Library as another piece of content for their brand ambassadors.

The content curation module is only available to collaborators and platform administrators, who are the users with permissions to manage the Content Library.  

However, for brand ambassadors, there is also the possibility of suggesting content to the Content Library, which must be validated by the administrators before being published on the network.

There is no limit to the number of content categories. However, we recommend you to filter all the sources you add, for example, by type of media and speciality: marketing blogs, media, general informationThis way it will be much easier to access each one when you need information about something specific.

Of course you can. Whenever you see an interesting piece in the feed that you want to share with your brand ambassadors (or with some of them), you only have to send it to the Content Library and, once there, segment it for whoever you want. You can do this with as many news or articles as you want.

Other features


Automate the selection of Brand Ambassadors candidates


Content Library

Interesting content library available to your ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors Network

Segment your network of ambassadors according to company goals


Possibility to create a competition in which ambassadors can compete for different prizes.


Monitor your ambassadors activity in real time


Reward the most active ambassadors thanks to their position in the ranking

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