Content Library

Content Library

Easy to share

Your ambassadors only need a click to share the content from the repository to their social media.


Ambassadors can suggest content to the brand, thus providing feedback to the content library on both sides.

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Do you also want to have a brand ambassadors network?

Main features


Segmented content

Segment the content for those ambassadors who really care about it


Customize copies

Propose social media copies to the ambassadors so they can edit them


Schedule campaigns

Is it still early to post that article? Determine when the content will arrive to your ambassadors


Yes, the administrator has full control of the Content Library, and will decide which articles to include and share with their network of brand ambassadors. In addition, you can customize the social media message you will propose to the ambassadors, and add any internal notes to the piece.

Yes, the administrator has the option, once the piece has been created, to schedule it with a start and end date in the content Content Library. In the same way, the ambassadors who are going to use it will be able to schedule the day and time of publication on their social networks.

The administrator and/or collaborators of the account control the management of the Content Library and the content that is uploaded. However, brand ambassadors can also suggest content that the administrators will decide whether to use and upload to the Content Library or not

In each of the pieces in the Content Library you will be able to see the activity of the ambassadors with respect to it, and consult who has shared it.

No, you don’t! All you have to do is paste the URL you want to share and the platform will automatically scan the content to make it available to the ambassadors. This way, before sharing the publication on their social networks, they will also be able to read it.

Other features


Automate the selection of Brand Ambassadors candidates


Brand Ambassadors Network

Segment your network of ambassadors according to company goals


Possibility to create a competition in which ambassadors can compete for different prizes.


Monitor your ambassadors activity in real time


Reward the most active ambassadors thanks to their position in the ranking

Content Curation

Share external content without leaving the platform

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