Gamification system

A fun strategy!

With BeAmbassador leader board brand ambassadors will be able to see who of them have obtained better results and awards. A healthy competitiveness to keep them active.

Motivate the team

Company can customize each action score on the platform, which will allow to define a rewards series based on the results obtained by brand ambassadors.

Gamificación y ranking de embajadores de marca con BeAmbassador

Do you also want to have a brand ambassadors network?

Main features


Leader Board

Brand ambassadors will be able to see who are the best rated according to the established criteria by the brand.


Customizable Score

Company may decide the importance of each criteria used to assign a score to each ambassador.


Reward System

Company may establish a system of rewardsbased on the results generated by each ambassador.


A rewards program is critical to the success of a brand ambassador strategy.   

Your team needs to know what the goal of the project is and why they are so important to make it all work. Rewarding them for their efforts is a way to build loyalty and motivate them to keep participating and sharing content.

Yes, the score is 100% customizable by the company, which can give more relevance to a series of actions, giving them more points, and leave others in the background, with less points or none at all, or simply activate them from one phase onwards.

The platform controls at all times the actions that the ambassadors are carrying out within the platform. Therefore, if any fraudulent activity is detected, the administrator of the account will be contacted and the ambassador will be deducted the points obtained illegally.

The ranking view is available to ambassadors as well as to account administrators and collaborators.

Depending on the company’s budget and needs, there is a wide range of possibilities in terms of prizes for the most active ambassadors: cinema tickets, hotel nights, Amazon gift vouchers…  

In addition, for ambassadors who are not in the top positions but do earn points, there is the possibility of redeeming them for a series of prizes from the platform itself. 

Yes, for specific challenges and competitions, you can see the ranking by ambassador segment: departments, zones, etc.

Other features

Content Library

Interesting content library available to your ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors Network

Segment your network of ambassadors according to company goals

Incentive System

Possibility to implement an incentive system, with which they will be rewarded based on their results


Monitor your ambassadors activity in real time

Content Curation

Share external content without leaving the platform

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