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You will learn how to be on the radar of your customers in social media and increase your sales, thanks to Social Selling strategies. In addition, we will show you a live demo of BeAmbassador, the leading Employee Branding platform.

What does this Demo include?

Meeting with a consultant specialized in Social Selling.
Learn how to optimize the processes of lead generation and detection of proscpects to increase your sales.
Discover how to enhance your Marketing, Sales and Human Resources strategies.
Includes a Live Demo of BeAmbassador.
In addition, you will receive a White Paper on how to develop your Employee Branding strategies at the end of the meeting.
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BeAmbassador Features

Your entire Employer Branding strategy from a single tool!

Content Library

Create a segmented Content Library for ambassadors to voluntarily share.

Ambassadors network

Build your own network of brand ambassadors and segment them by categories according to department, area, etc.


Create courses to train your team of brand ambassadors. Manage their evolution and gamify each course to incentivize them.


Create customized challenges for your ambassadors. Motivate your team and reward their effort through incentives.

Social Analytics

Monitor the activity of your ambassadors in real time and analyze the impact of their publications.

Content Analytics

It measures the type of content that has been most shared from the platform and the results obtained in social networks.


Create a list of prizes that your ambassadors will be able to redeem once they reach the points established for each one.


Create fun competitions for your ambassadors. Define the prizes for the first places and may the best win!

Benefits for companies

Improve your lead generation and social sales
Increases business opportunities
Improves company branding
Improve your Social Selling

Employee benefits

Personal Branding

The company will work for them on their personal brand, making them more attractive to the market.

More competitive profile

Boosting their social media profiles will make them more competitive and differentiated in their sector.

Incentive system

The ambassador directly redeems points earned for incentives.

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