Turn your employees into the best brand ambassadors

Turn your employees into the best brand ambassadors

BeAmbassador for the retail sector

With BeAmbassador, you can boost the company image, increase sales and talent retention, as well as avoid employee turnover.

1 %

Of people trust more the recommendations of those who they know rather than the ones of a brand

x 1

The content shared by a person has 8 times more engagement than the one a brand shares

x 1

The employee is 2 times more influential to communicate corporate content rather than the company

Involve employees and establish a channel of communications

Establish a channel of communications that connects both brand and employees.

Increase visibility of the brand and attract the best professionals

With constant presence of the brand in social networks through brand ambassadors, you maximize the brand visibility, attract more qualified employees and lower employee turnover.

Increase social selling

Maximize sales with a constant online presence through brand ambassadors social networks.

Benefits for employees

Establish a channel of communication with the company

Gifts and prizes through a gamification system

Updated information about the news of the store

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