Turn your fans into the best brand ambassadors

Turn your fans into the best brand ambassadors

BeAmbassador for sport teams

Boost the team image with BeAmbassador using your fan’s social networks to increase subscribers and sales.

1 %

Of people trust more the recommendations of those who they know

1 %

Of sport fans are willing to engage towards the brand

1 %

Of spanish people use social networks to be updated in sports

Viralize the image of the team in social networks

The fans can be added to the challenges that the team planned through the application, and share content of the match in their social networks.

Increase the engagement between the team and the fans

70% of sport fans are more willing to participate in team events if they feel more involved.

Boost the number of subscribers and sales of merchandising

With BeAmbassador, fans who turn into brand ambassadors can obtain gifts and prizes.

Fans benefits

More engagement and direct communication with the team

Gifts and prizes through a gamification system

Updated information about the latest news and team products

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