Three effective employee engagement strategies

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Three effective employee engagement strategies  

In any business context, employee engagement is the most important factor if we want to improve our productivity in any organization. Everything comes in form of benefits when we use effective employee engagement strategies the proper way, utilizing from surveys, to go for an emotionally connected employee, which will benefit both the worker and the business company… The options are huge. 

Today we present you with three effective employee engagement strategies to boost your productivity and gain a better business team at the same time.  

It’s important to differentiate between employee engagement and employee satisfaction. Those are not the same terms, although the first can absorb the second and elevate it to new heights.  

Employee satisfaction is when a worker is comfortable and happy with the job he/she has. Nothing more than that, as the name clearly specifies.  

On the other hand, employee engagement is when, not only you are satisfied and emotionally connected with your job, but also you would recommend it and speak about the benefits of working for a company in question, one that encourages their employees and makes them feel like at home.  

That kind of worker does not plan to leave their jobs any time soon 

It’s also important to understand that is impossible to keep everybody happy all the time. Life changes every day, and those changes can affect your employees in ways that no engagement strategy can predict o solve 

So, which are these effective employee engagement strategies? 

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These are as follows: 

1. Measure your employee engagement 

There are a variety of methods to measure employee engagement, from reports to submitting weekly reviews, which tend to fail to the fact that participation is reduced a few weeks in. More to that, the answers are given by people in opposite sites of the spectrum: those who are very happy and the others, who are very unhappy.  

Although these strategies can be effective, there is always that middle point, that sweet spot, so to speak, that tells you far more information that can be measured rigorously. 

The most effective measurement of employee engagement programs are those made monthly or quarterly. To be more precise, the employee engagement surveys, made anonymously, are, by war, the most accurate way to get to the core of any problem or to understand the emotional context of your workers.  

Those surveys have to be featured in the portal of your business website. Via email will not be as effective because, besides the issue of anonymity, it takes longer to do and is not as comfortable for your workers due to the tediousness of the process itself.  

In the end, the readout is far clearer and gives precise points of engagement that wouldn’t show in any other report o form. 

2. Translate all of these assessments 

Once you have all the surveys read and checked, and you have spent your time assessing each and every one of them individually, taking notes, and empathizing with your workers, is time to translate all this information and do something that may seem basic, but not all companies do: provide feedback 

The voices of your employees want to be heard. The best ways to engage that concept would be to take those surveys and read them aloud in front of everyone; at least the appropriate comments, the profanity, and other terms are better left unsaid.  

There is also the possibility that some of the issues presented are far more severe, like sexual harassment, bullying, or, in other cases even, the practice of moving. In those special contexts, more explicit measures have to be taken. That being said, it depends on the functionality of every company to act accordingly to their own politics.  

The best way to give feedback to your team, besides reading the most important things aloud, is trying to incorporate humor into the formula, organic humor to be precise. There will always be funny or sweet reviews about how things are made.  

Those always deserve public recognition. It helps to break any tension and improve the general mod, opening the way to have emotionally connected employees, improving employee engagement, employee satisfaction, and encouraging them to feel that they are a vital part of the overall company.  

3. Tactical investment 

So, once you have done all the surveys, reviewed them, and provided feedback to all of your employees, what do you do about it? More so when there are obvious growth opportunities for your business to go above and beyond.  

Simple: you have to invest in your people. Apply tactics to respond directly to the concerns provided by them and to improve for them.  

They are the roots to make your company function and be productive, so it’s important to consider their propositions, the ones that make sense to you of course, and create specific tactics to improve the atmosphere where the future breaths from.  

The two best ways to go on about it would be organizational development, or cultural development, and new or proper training. You can call it “investment in success” through the training programs, which have a very distinct purpose: transformation inside the organization. 

These three methods would be the best ones to improve drastically your company and always go for excellence. These methods, as you read above, are all about connecting with your workers through honest and felt empathy.  

There is nothing new in this philosophy. Those three steps will always bring you to these same conclusions. You can consult with other business companies to compare data if it helps you, but we encourage you to follow these directives.  

The surveys are important, absolutely. Understanding and applying solutions to the problems mentioned before are also vital to engage in further professional effectiveness. But, without a doubt, your top priority has to be to connect with your team put yourself in their place, and achieve superior clarity, the only one that actually works to produce effective employee engagement strategies. 

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