What is Employee journey map all you have to know to create one 


When we talk about an employee’s journey we describe it as the time that an employee spends in a single company until he leaves or is fired.  

This journey starts with the hiring process and is forged with all the experiences that this worker lives throughout his or her time working.

But how do we measure, or analyze, a complete employee’s journey without going about their careers for far too long producing tens of documents? Very easy, we have to create an employee’s journey map. 

The method of creating a map is used because, there are some key moments and experiences that are worth keeping in your company. Pinpointing these specific moments can help the positive experience of an employee, building themselves to, along the way, helping the company culture grow. 

So, that being said, the question is: What is an Employee journey map and what do you have to know to create one? 

The employee journey map 

An employee journey map is, basically, a motivational tool to help improve your worker’s experience, using it to go through tough times, helping them to grow to pass their worst problems, and also to celebrate the good, focusing on what has been accomplished and how. 

Also, creating an employee journey map will help your worker to be more proactive with his journey in the company, making it also good for your benefit and creating a positive work environment that excels in every way. 

Another helpful approach can be to incorporate a chronological chart to dissect the emotional journey of the employee in question, capturing and examining each step of their experience, watching how different stages have helped them to grow and to face each other’s weaknesses, and finally surpassing them. 

The employee journey map is directly derived from the traditional customer journey mapping method used by a lot of companies to measure the satisfaction of their clients. It is also an excellent marketing method to study the market. It allows you to look for specific opportunities to target where your company can produce a obvious benefit. 

Another good use that is being made with the employee journey map is by the HR departments of a lot of companies, which use each worker’s experience mapping to optimize their positions in the companies and also try to improve them every time they go sideways. 

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Why it is important for your employees 

Any employee has to be engaged in their work and that also depends on the motivation given by the company they’re working for. And there’s where why an employee map is so important to motivate that % of people it can affect the whole work team, so having unhappy employees would be a very different matter.. 

Does that mean they’re having miserable work experiences? Not necessarily. It can be simple demotivation that can be fixed very quickly. If we were talking about unhappiness, that would change the perspective because that can affect all the working team members. 

Either way, a well-designed journey map can help the worker in question to see the areas that he/she is good at and why that person is so important to the company. This will have a positive influence on the employee, which can increase thehappiness and productivity atmosphere in the company.

A set of goals, objectives, and motivation can be found within a good employee map, which can lead to the best working experiences and bring the best of the company’s values to life, helping to build a strong team and a unique culture that brings out the best in all of them. 

How to create a good employee map 

In creating a good employee map we have to first understand every step of the said employee’s journey. 

We can divide the creation of such a map into the following categories:


First comes research:

Before we start designing anything we need to do some good research on employee behaviour and experiences within the company. While you may already have some of that work done, there are other statistics to study.

– Turnover rates
– Interview details
– Hiring process

All this information can provide a good starting point. In addition, we can interview other employees to get a better view of the person around whom we are creating the map.


Decide which people to map:

Once the research is done, use your employee journey map template and focus on deciding which people deserve to be on it. In the end, it’s all about mapping a journey, and if those experiences are unique, all the better for it.

The beauty of a personalised map is that each department will have a unique journey through different levels of entry and special employee touch points that will result in a very interesting and different perspective.

While it is not necessary to create a unique map for each employee, segmenting their different branches will be critical to understand their pain points along with their high points, seeking to illustrate the ultimate balance.


How to segment each stage?

it is imperative to define the different employee stages your organisation has in order to outline the ones we are interested in to forge a good and complex employee map. Among these areas of specialisation:

– recruitment process
– benefits offered
– commitment to the company

Storyboard the map before you do it: A good visualisation process can help you contemplate the employee’s journey before you put it into a final map. This will also help you examine their point of view. This will help you outline each process performed by that employee to choose the best ones to highlight.

These touchpoints can be vitally important in building:

– a strong narrative that will help make your map much more rounded
– information-wise, and also more effectively emotional for your employees, making them see what their career at your company has brought them.


Finish the map:

take all the information that has been collected, the research on that data, and finalise it into a beautiful and haunting employee map that does justice to the employee’s career journey with you from the moment they were hired.

If you do it right, you will have very happy employees who will work harder for you after seeing the results of their efforts.

And that is what an employee journey map is and the process of creating it from scratch, giving your employees a new professional life.


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